Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Dvorak, Ives

8:30  Galamian Scales in One Position, E major

8:45  Galamian Three Octave Arpeggios

9:20  Dvorak shifts

Monday, September 16, 2013

Ipswich Concert

10:00 Galamian Scales in One Position, F major

10:10 Galamian Three Octave Arpeggios

10:30 Galamian Scales on One String, C major

Avaloch Farm Day 14

Last night, I drank too much.

13:30 Galamian Scales in One Position, Bb major

13:45 Galamian Three Octave Arpeggios

14:05 K424 Tuning and Shifts, run through

15:45 K548 Tuning and Shifts, run through

21:10 K424 mvt. 3, record

Sunday, September 15, 2013

Avaloch Farm Day 13

10:55 Galamian Scales in One Position, Eb major

11:10 Galamian Three Octave Arpeggios

11:45 Tune K424

14:15 Tune K548

16:55 Tune K424

21:15 Tune K424

Saturday, September 14, 2013

Avaloch Farm Day 12

We played through our Mozart Trio for the second time yesterday.  It was better than on Monday.  No major fuckups on my part!  (Breathe, it's just a scale...)  I still need to ingrain one shift in the second movement.  I also need to loosen up and learn to vibrate everywhere.  Overall, it was not an embarrassing experience.  Tonight, we will perform the duo, perhaps just one movement, so I need to get crackin'.  It was a long night of mafia yesterday, and none of us got to sleep before 1am.

10:25 Galamian Scales in One Position, Ab major

10:45 Galamian Three Octave Arpeggios

11:10 K424 mvt.1, qn = 63 and 120, concentrate on vibrato

11:50 K424 mvt.1, qn = 63 and 126, concentrate on timing

13:10 K424 mvt.1, all the shifts

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Avaloch Farm Day 11

Yesterday night, we heard an AMAZING concert by the Formosa Quartet.  Their first violinist, Jasmine Lin is probably the most virtuosic violinist I've ever heard.  There's a feeling of wildness to her playing which mesmerized me.  You'd think that playing violin for her is like breathing.  She's got these wide saucer eyes, crazy hair, and looks like as close to an Asian gypsy as imaginable.  Yet, apparently after the concert, she was still practicing at 1am in the morning, when the Avaloch coordinator went to shut her down for the night.  Now, I can hear her warming up next door.
What does it take to get that good, I wonder?

9:35  Galamian Scales in One Position, G# major

9:45  Galamian Three Octave Arpeggios
  •  Just got through the entire thing for the first time!  And it only took half an hour...
10:25 K548 mvt.1, Spot 1 mm. 31-45

12:44 K548 mvt.1, Spot 2 mm. 142-150

13:20 K548 mvt.2, Spot 1 mm. 8-14

13:45 K548 mvt.3, Spot 1 mm. 156-163

14:20 K548 mvt.3, Spot 2 mm. 86-102

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Avaloch Farm Day 10

There is an algorithm for making one's bed.  This is for bedding with a flat sheet, a second fleecy one, and then a cover on top.

First, pull the top corner of the flat sheet (either right or left side) to the top of the bed.  Go down that side edge of the flat sheet and tuck under the mattress loosely, except for one foot at the head of the bed. 

Go to the other side of the bed, and pull the other top corner to align with the first top corner.  Go down that side and pull the sheet taut (depending on your taste) while tucking under mattress, except for the top part again.

Tuck in bottom of flat sheet last.  Repeat these steps for the fleecy sheet, except at the end, fold one foot of the flat sheet over the fleecy sheet after everything is tucked away.

I think I disliked going from side to side of the bed trying to line up the sheet perfectly with the mattress before any tucking, but it turns out if you just tuck one side loosely first, it all works out in the end!

10:25 Galamian Scales in One Position, C# major

11:45 Galamian Three Octave Arpeggios

12:00 K424 mvt.1, Spot 1 mm. 52-61

13:40 K424 mvt.1, Spot 1 mm. 52-61

13:50 K424 mvt.1, Spot 2 mm. 181-191

14:30 K424 mvt.1, Spot 3 mm. 143-158

16:00 K424 mvt.3, Spot 1 mm. 120-135

17:15 K424 mvt.3, Spot 1 mm. 120-135

17:45 K424 mvt.3, Spot 2 mm. 57-64